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Business loan - Progressus

Business loan

Use the funds to invest in infrastructure, expand operations, upgrade to the latest plant and machinery, maintain inventory, or to increase working capital. These customized loans can give your business the much-needed boost to help your enterprise scale new heights with enhanced competitiveness and profitability.

Loans for your special needs:
Progressus has customized business loans for your unique needs.

Working Capital Loans: Maintain a healthy cash flow with a Working Capital Loan without any security and keep your business away from any financial roadblocks.

Machinery Loans: Install or upgrade to the latest plant and machinery or equipment with a Machinery Loan and meet bulk orders smoothly.

SME and MSME Loans: Small and medium enterprises can now grow their operations and scale in an easy way with SME and MSME Loans.

Business Loans for Women: Especially designed for women entrepreneurs.

• Loan for Professionals : Overdraft at a interest rate of 14 percent and term loan at a interest rate of 11 % for Doctors and Chartered Accountants .Minimal Documentation required  

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